1978 - 2006




There's one bright star in the heavens tonight and oh how it shines for all to see,
For this star is special, it has a smile and laughter for now it is free,
Free from all pain and sorrow, his battle for life has ended,
For it has a new tomorrow and its body is now fully mended,
It's not just a star in the heavens where it shines so brightly and proud,
For this star on earth was a champion and, oh, how it thrilled all the crowd.

Now this star was blessed with a talent as only the best star allowed,
So be grateful if you ever met him and if you were his friend and be proud,
He played the game that he loved, he played with passion so rare,
And all of the crowds that saw him were privileged because they were there,
So if you stood at the great gates of heaven with one look that you would understand,
For amongst a great host of angels would be one with a cue in his hand.
Safe with the Lord now Paul, God bless you.
- Lindsey Hunter